From the Idea to the Finished Product

In the following we would like to quickly outline the individual developmental stages that are necessary to get from the initial idea to the finished product. Hereby it is immaterial whether it is the matter of developing our standard products or an individually customized product in cooperation with a client.

The Initial Idea

Driven by the initial idea for a new product we first evaluate its potential and decide if and when we can begin to put it into practice. An initially discarded thought may later be re-evaluated if for example market conditions have changed or we have new technological developments at our disposal. What is most often our driving force is the further development of already existing technology that makes us decide to focus on a product that complements our range in such a way as it supports that very technology while also improving our products.

Even when it is a customer who suggests an idea to us we will do thorough research if truly no similar products are already on the market. This makes for mutual trust between us and our customers since they on one hand can be assured to receive optimal consultation even before making a purchase and our company on the other will not tie our resources for what might later be revealed as a non-innovative project.

Construction Phase

Most ideas already mature far enough in the heads of developers and designers so that they are able to quickly put them computer-assisted on paper. For this we employ state of the art CAD software to design and calculate components, parts and finished products. All components are being constructed as 3D parts and are later assembled in groups (units). Several units, combined with individual and standard parts, are finally assembled on the computer to achieve the final product. In doing so the CAD software supports the kinematic simulation and also allows for the calculation of crucial components by applying the Finite Elements Method (FEM).


After the construction phase has concluded, every product will be produced in form of a prototype. The reason for doing so is to evaluate any weak points or improvement potential in the design and to be able to stage practical experiments with the product. Not every problem can be detected through the software and corrected in advance. Especially the modular concept of our multicopters and camera mounts asks for a series of tests to determine whether or not a new product is compatible with our already existing range. A prototype will consistently be improved upon and developed further until it is entirely up to par with a finished product can be released for manufacturing.


All of our products are manufactured in Austria and shipped from there, meaning every single part that leaves our production site has been subject to a very strict quality control.

Next to a large variety of standard parts that we mainly source from Austria and Germany we obtain other milling and turned parts from reliable partners in China and other countries in the Far East. The manufacture of the carbon parts currently mainly takes place in Austria.

Quality Assurance

Only a company that consistently supplies products of the highest quality will be able to sustain itself for many years to come. Therefore we make quality assurance and quality control our highest priority in order to establish ourselves as a company that is well known for exclusively providing top-quality products.

To err is human, and that are even we. Should one of our products not meet your expectations or show any flaws we will always strive to quickly and effectively solve your problems.

Further Development

New and further development of our products and product range is one of our highest priorities. We are always looking to discover new market niches and to react accordingly. We are currently working on an Encoder-assisted version of our CameraMount CM-M gimbal. Needless to say, our modular concept allows for the Encoder to be retroactively installed on the yaw, roll and pitch axis.


If you have any innovative ideas concerning copters or gimbals please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are open to all forms of cooperation and would be happy to start a new development project with you.