AF6-800 Damping system

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Using a damping system allows the vibrations made by the copter's drive motors to mostly be absorbed without being transferred to gimbal or camera.

By adjusting the damping system to the combined weight of both gimbal and camera you can therefore entirely eliminate the disruptive rolling shutter effect.

These adjustments can take place by adding or removing damping elements. Four elements at the least and twelve elements at the most can be applied.

The damping system will be attached directly to the underside of the copter.

We recommend the use of this system when mounting our CM-M gimbal in its 3-axes version and our landing gear AF6-800-LGC permanently attached to the gimbal.

The damping system is designed in such a way that the damping elements are subjected to tension.

All plates are made of high-strength CFRP. The damping elements are made of rubber.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 48g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 120 x 120 x 30mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece damping system
1 set assembly material

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