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AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib MULTICOPTERS

AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib

The set AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib consists of the copter AF6-800 in combinat..

1,522.00€ Ex Tax: 1,268.33€


AJ6-800 Basic AirJib

The set AJ6-800 Basic AirJib consists of the copter AF6-800 in combination..

1,364.00€ Ex Tax: 1,136.67€

AF6-800 Basic AirFrame MULTICOPTERS

AF6-800 Basic AirFrame

As part of this set we offer a copter that already possesses all of the co..

908.00€ Ex Tax: 756.67€

AF6-800 Base frame MULTICOPTERS

AF6-800 Base frame

The base frame is the central component of our hexacopter AF6-800. Since its diagonal moto..

460.00€ Ex Tax: 383.33€

AF6-800 Power distribution board MULTICOPTERS

AF6-800 Power distribution board

When employing several motors at full capacity significant currents are created that can m..

60.00€ Ex Tax: 50.00€

AF6-800 Landing gear MULTICOPTERS

AF6-800 Landing gear

The landing gear AF6-800-LGC will be attached permanently to the underside of the copter a..

238.00€ Ex Tax: 198.33€

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