AF6-800-BAF | ARTO Configuration

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We recommend to install the copter AF6-800 Basic AirFrame (AF6-800-BAF) with the following components. This is merely a suggestion. At any time the components can be replaced by other parts of your choice.

Componenents for the copter

Motor | T-Motor MN3110 470KV

Required Quantity: 6 pieces

Propeller | T-Motor Carbon Fiber Prop

Required Quantity: 6 pieces

ESC | T-Motor AIR 40A

Required Quantity: 6 pieces

Flight Control System | DJI Naza V2

Required Quantity: 1 piece

Note: If you are using a redundant system (see the following component) two flight management systems will be needed.

Redundancy System

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

Note: In many cases you will require a redundant system in order to get approved by the national aviation authorities. Additionally you will require a second flight management system. When a fault or failure occurs the redundant system will switch from the 'master' to the 'slave' setting. Please contact us directly, we are happy to advise you.

On Sceen Display | DJI iOSD mini

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

Telemetry Sensor | UniSens-E

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

Note: Telemetry sensor to control the battery voltage.

FPV Transmitter | 5.8GHz ImmersionRC 25mW A/V Transmitter

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

FPV Camera | Fatshark 600TVL CMOS Camera

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

FPV Monitor | Black Pearl 7" 5.8GHz Diversity Monitor

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

Note: Monitor with integrated 5.8GHz diversity receiver.

Antennas | ImmersionRC SpiroNET Omni 5.8GHz CP Antenna

Required Quantity: 2 pieces (optional)

Note: One antenna each for transmitter and receiver.

Battery | Zippy Compact 25C Series 5800mAH 4S

Required Quantity: 4 pieces

Note: We recommend the use of at least four units. One flight requires 2 batteries.

Remote Control

Required Quantity: 1 piece (optional)

Note: We are happy to advise you in selecting the appropriate remote control. We recommend a 2.4GHz system with at least 8 channels.