The AirFrame AF6-800 is a stable hexacopter with a diagonal rotor spindle distance of 800mm. This model is designed for a maximum take-off weight of around 6000g.

In combination with the gimbal CameraMount CM-M we were able to design a modular complete system that can be tailored to our customers' specific requirements if desired.

One of our main points of focus was the construction of an extremely lightweight yet simultaneously stable multicopter with a take-off weight of under 5kg even in combination with a gimbal of maximum configuration. The reason for this was to gain operating approval from the Austrian aviation safety authorities Austro Control for flights in densely populated areas (Category C).

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AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib MULTICOPTERS
The set AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib consists of the copter AF6-800 in combinat..
1,522.00€ Ex Tax: 1,268.33€
The set AJ6-800 Basic AirJib consists of the copter AF6-800 in combination..
1,364.00€ Ex Tax: 1,136.67€
AF6-800 Basic AirFrame MULTICOPTERS
As part of this set we offer a copter that already possesses all of the co..
908.00€ Ex Tax: 756.67€
AF6-800 Base frame MULTICOPTERS
The base frame is the central component of our hexacopter AF6-800. Since its diagonal moto..
460.00€ Ex Tax: 383.33€
AF6-800 Power distribution board MULTICOPTERS
When employing several motors at full capacity significant currents are created that can m..
60.00€ Ex Tax: 50.00€
AF6-800 Landing gear MULTICOPTERS
The landing gear AF6-800-LGC will be attached permanently to the underside of the copter a..
238.00€ Ex Tax: 198.33€
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