AF6-800 Universal mounting plate

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The universal mounting plate can be attached directly to the underside of the copter or to one of the optionally available dampers and can be used to mount a variety of loads. The universal mounting plate thereby presents an alternative option to our mounting frame AF6-800-MFR.

The following is a sketch indicating the arrangement of drillings and slots.

The press nuts included in the delivery will later have to be inserted in the appropriate place into the drillings (6 pieces M3, 6 pieces M2.5).

The appropriate bolt (M3 or M2.5), as depicted below, has to be tightened until the insert nut has been drilled far enough into the hole to guarantee a firm hold.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1 shows the nut as not yet pressed in. Figure 2 shows the nut as already pressed in.

The mounting plate is made of high-strength CFRP.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 28g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 122 x 90 x 2mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece universal mounting plate
6 pieces insert nuts M3
6 pieces insert nuts M2.5
1 set assembly material

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