AF6-800 Power distribution board

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When employing several motors at full capacity significant currents are created that can measure up to a few hundred Ampere. This makes managing the copter's power distribution absolutely crucial to a safe operation.

Our power distribution board guarantees the safe connection of both batteries and the six motor controllers as well as another conduit for the supply of the copter's electronics.

Two copper plates at 1.5mm thickness each to which the power cords have been attached by means of ring terminals guarantee, that a short-circuit would possibly first burn through the wire of a controller before disabling the entire power distribution board.

In between both copper plates is an insulation plate made of lightweight synthetic material. The power distribution board will by attached to the lower centerplate of the copter by using three M3 polyamide screws.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 29g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 48 x 48 x 14mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece power distribution board
1 set assembly material

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