AF6-800 Battery holder

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The battery holder will contain the rechargeable batteries (LiPos) that should ideally be attached with double-sided Velcro tape. It can either be attached directly to the copter's arms or on the optionally available landing gear.

Please note that due to their heaviness the batteries must always be arranged symmetrically.

The standard configuration contains two battery holders. However, if you would like to achieve longest possible flight operation with a smaller payload you may also use four battery holders for two additional LiPos.

Spacers ensure that the Velcro strap can be passed between the mounting plate and the fastening clamp.

Self-adhesive foam rubber parts that have been cut to size and inserted between battery and mounting plate securely hold the LiPos in place.

The plates are made of high-strength CFRP.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 28g (2 units)
Dimensions (L x B x H): 106 x 44 x 30mm

Delivery Contents
2 pieces battery holders
1 set assembly material

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