Take Off Weight under 5kg

The primary goal in the development of the AirFrame AF6-800 copter and the CameraMount CM-M gimbal was the conceptualization of a complete system in form of the AirJib AJ6-800 which is capable of recording videos in Ultra HD 4K quality without going above an overall take off weight (TOW) of 5kg. Another parameter was the ability to control the complete system with a 3-axes gimbal through two-man operation.

In order to be granted permission to fly a pilot less aircraft in a densely populated area (area of application IV - this is the highest level) according to the Austrian legislation on civil aviation it is necessary for a working body of up to and including 5kg to obtain an operating license in category C. Above that it would require category D.

Even though the effort required to in fact obtain such a license through Austro Control in category C or D measures up to about the same, category C offers the deciding advantages of not having to register every flight with Austro Control as well as not incurring any fees. At this time not a single operating license in category D for aircrafts above 5kg exists in Austria.

Austro Control have begun to lead the way within the EU as far as the authorization of PAs is concerned and it is to be expected that most of its legal requirements will, as advised by the EASA (European Aviation Security Agency), be adopted by most other member states.

Subsequently we listed the primary components of an AirFrame AF6-800 in combination with our 3-axes gimbal CameraMount CM-M with a TOW of under 5kg.

T-Motor MN3110-26 KV470
T-Motor Carbon Fiber 15x5"
Electronic speed control
T-Motor ESC T30A
DJI Naza v2 mit GPS
DJI Naza v2
Redundancy electronics
Circuit board 'Made in Austria' as approved by Austro Control
2 x Graupner GR-16
Power distribution
Power distribution board CM-M-PDB
Power supply
2 x Zippy Compact LiPo 4S 5800mAh
CameraMount CM-M in its 3-axes version with two pitch motors and permanently installed landing gear
Panasonic Lumix GH-4
Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12mm f2.0 mit variablem ND-Filter
BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Controller plus Sensor
Graupner GR-12
5.8GHz ImmersionRC 25mW A/V
Power supply
Conrad energy LiPo 3S 1600mAh