Aside from the development, production and distribution of our standard products we set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the following services to our clients and thereby creating additional benefits for our customers.

Service | Maintenance

We are happy to service and help maintain any products that you purchase from us. If you so wish we can even completely dismantle the copter or gimbal and take care of the cleaning process as well as replace and reassemble any damaged parts according to your preferences.

As a general rule it is however usually sufficient to verify the product's accurate functionality or readjust some mechanisms in order to restore it as the case may be.

Repair | Modification

Should your copter or gimbal be damaged in any way such as through a crash or during transport, we will not turn our backs on you and are happy to restore it to its complete functionality, provided you purchased the product from us. Please send us the faulty product so that we are able to generate a non-committal estimate of the repair costs.

You are welcome to leave any enhancements or modifications of your copters and gimbals in our hands.

Individual Customisation

If you have any special requirements for a drone or a camera mount we are happy to assist and advise you in the context of a conjoint project and will work side by side with you, from the very first idea all the way to the delivery of the finished product. You yourself can decide on the extent of our involvement.

Furthermore we will help you with the acquisition of components or parts you discovered yourself but were unable to find a source of supply for.

Especially when it comes to combining copters and gimbals by other manufacturers there is often a significant lack of available adapters or interfaces. We are happy to develop these for you and will also for example recommend the corresponding damping system.

CNC-milled CFRP and GFRP plates

We are able to mill almost every imaginable profile of carbon or glass fiber plates with a breadth of between 0.5 and 6mm and up to a size of around 1100 x 700mm. Here we employ a professional CNC portal milling machine with an operating range of 1680 x 750 x 250mm.

This allows for the speedy production of complex parts especially in the realm of prototype manufacture that are very lightweight and extremely robust.

You can either provide us with a finished design in a well-established CAD-format or you can opt to have us construct the parts on the basis of your drafts and ideas.


ARTF is an expression that stems from the model making industry and stands for Almost Ready to Fly. It describes a glider model that possesses almost all of the components needed in order to be able to fly. In most cases however ARTF models lack a remote control (both transmitter and receiver). Here it is simply assumed that the customer is already in possession of his own specialized RC transmitter and that the only thing left to do is fit the ARTF model with a compatible RC receiver.

Since the expression ARTF is usually only implicitly applicable to glider models and the gimbal is not always exclusively used in combination with a copter we use the term ARTO (Almost Ready to Operate).

For us ARTO means that, according to our customer's individual wishes and requirements, we fit one of our standard products with all additional hardware components that are required to make the device entirely functional. This can include for example the motors, propellers, motor controllers or flight regulators for a copter or the control unit or FVP system for a gimbal. Furthermore we can evaluate the appropriate remote control for you.

One thing that is never included in our ARTO products are various software readjustments. These will have to be conducted by our customers themselves. We are also not able to demonstrate the functionality of an ARTO product but can guarantee that all components are technologically in working order. This is primarily due to two reasons. Firstly we would like to achieve that our customers themselves take a look at the product and come to understand through a hands-on approach which software parameters have what influence on flight characteristics and camera controlling. Furthermore we are supplying our products all over the world and our broad, modularly designed range of products obviously makes it difficult for us to offer RTF (Ready to Fly) products.

General Consultation

Please feel free to turn to us for any questions you might have concerning copters or gimbals. We strive to answer you promptly and with appropriate quality.

Which one is the right copter for me? How should I configure it?

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What are the regulations concerning protection of data privacy? Am I allowed to film anywhere?

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What are the areas of application I through IV and which category of permission do I need in order to fly a working body of under 5kg?

Is there a difference in flying with or without a camera?

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