We design, calculate and produce multicopters of any size and category.

No matter if it is a small quadrocopter for acrobatic flights (AF4-350-3D), a hexacopter of medium size (AJ6-800) mainly used for film- and video recording or a customized octocopter (AJ8-1000-C) with more than 100cm center distance – our standards for the finished product remain the same.

As lightweight as possible without lowering durability or stability

Consistent modularity within the assembly group itself as well as with other similar ones

Easy conversion with everyday tools

Highest quality of materials and components used

Customer options to individually expand upon our products

Made in Austria

Aside from the construction of custom made multicopters such as the AJ8-1000-C we also focus on the development of modular base products in order to enable our copters to be used in all possible combinations with our gimbals. In doing so we aim to offer a complete system that will closely meet our customers' requirements.

It is not a simple matter to clearly distinguish between multicopter (AirFrame), gimbal (CameraMount) and complete system (AirJib) since multicopter and gimbal can be operated both on their own as well as in combination based on our modular concept.

This applies mainly to our medium-sized base products.

AirFrame AF6-800

The AirFrame AF6-800 is a stable hexacopter with a diagonal rotor spindle distance of 800mm. This model is designed for a maximum take-off weight (TOW) of around 6kg.

In combination with the gimbal CameraMount CM-M we were able to design a modular complete system that can be tailored to our customers' specific requirements if desired.

CameraMount CM-M

The gimbal CameraMount CM-M is well suited to stabilize cameras such as for example a Panasonic Lumix GH-4 in order to allow for video footage entirely lacking camera shake.

The modular concept enables us to adapt our gimbals exactly to our customers' wishes and requirements while still having our focus lie on lightest possible weight as well as ensuring a nonetheless stable design.

AirJib AJ6-800

Even though we offer the copter AirFrame AF6-800 as well as the gimbal CameraMount CM-M as two separate products that can be used completely independently from one another it almost suggests itself to combine both products to a complete system in the form of our AirJib AJ6-800.

Furthermore we offer in our small-sized segment a base product in the form of a quadrocopter suited for acrobatic flights.

AirFrame AF4-350-3D

The AirFrame AF4-350-3D is a small quadrocopter with a diagonal axis-center distance of 350mm. The entire copter in its basic version consists of no more than seven CNC-milled carbon plates of the highest quality that are connected by only 12 screws. This makes the copter extremely lightweight at only 120g.

Additionally we are happy to develop individually customized products for our customers, such as the AirJib AJ8-1000-C.

AirFrame AJ8-1000-C

The AirJib AJ8-1000-C has been specifically designed for one of our customers. This octocopter has a diagonal axis-center distance of 1000mm.

Fitted with eight MN4014-11 KV330 motors (company T-Motor) and 14x4.8” propellers this copter is capable of transporting freight weighing up to 5kg. The TOW lies at around 12kg.