AirJib AJ8-1000-C

The AirJib AJ8-1000-C has been specifically designed for one of our customers. This octocopter has a diagonal axis-center distance of 1000mm.

Fitted with eight MN4014-11 KV330 motors (company T-Motor) and 14x4.8” propellers this copter is capable of transporting freight weighing up to 5kg. The TOW lies at around 12kg.

Our customer's goal was steering a Canon 5D Mark III with a 3-axes gimbal. Even though this copter would be capable of carrying heavier cameras such as a RED Epic, the gimbal has been specifically tailored to the Canon 5D Mark III.

Here the landing gear rotates concurrently with the gimbal and can be dismantled within mere seconds by via a quick-action locking system (QALS). The gimbal itself is also attached to the copter via another QALS. This allows the gimbal to also be mounted on a manual operation device and the camera to be used as a Steadycam.

The gimbal's modular concept allows for it to be adjusted to heavier cameras at any time by adding a second pitch motor and/or a second roll motor. Even longer cameras such as a Sony FS700 can be attached to the gimbal by simply exchanging the carbon pipes.

The AirJib AJ8-1000-C can be operated with both two or four rechargeable batteries (LiPo 6s 6000mAh).