CM-M Gimbal 2-axes double pitch drive

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The camera mount CM-M-G2D is a 2-axes gimbal with two motors in the horizontal pitch axis (double pitch drive).

In accordance with the modular concept this gimbal in its basic form consists essentially only of the frame and the drive motors and has to be supplemented by several components.

This offers our clients the option of customizing the camera mount to suit their exact wishes.

The gimbal is well suited for mounting on a copter or a hand frame. If the camera you are using is heavier or if it is not ideally positioned in relation to the center of gravity you will need two motors to support it. Depending on the type of camera it may or may not be positioned closer to the center.

Adjustments to this gimbal can be made in all axes to match it perfectly to the camera used.

We also recommend the use of the following products from our CM-M line.

A configuration already containing our CM-M-G2D gimbal is provided by the CameraMount S2D (CM-M-S2D) set. Needless to say the gimbal can be mounted on any copter of the AF6-800 make.

The maximum installation dimensions are depicted in the following picture.

Important information
Basecam Alexmos brushless gimbal electronics is not included!

Technical Specifications
Weight: 586g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 190 x 224 x 240mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece gimbal G2D
1 set assembly material

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