CM-M Camera holder type A

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The Camera Holder Type A allows for the mounting of a camera to a gimbal of the CM-M make. The camera used can be tared exactly through lateral movement and readjustments of the inclination angle of the gimbal's connecting fork.

In accordance with the modular concept the Camera Holder Type A is being offered as a separate component since you can alternatively also choose Type B (CM-M-CAB).

Type A allows for the direct attachment of the position sensor with a breadboard of 18 x 18mm. Type B respectively is well suited for the direct attachment of the sensor through for example double-sided adhesive tape.

A HDMI2AV converter can be attached to the underside of the camera holder.

This camera holder comes with 1/4” screw for the secure installation of the camera. The screw is positioned in an 18mm oblong hole and allows for additional adjustments.

Important information
Frame IMU sensor for Alexmos 32 is not included!

Technical Specifications
Weight: 36g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 92 x 61 x 31mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece camera holder type A
1 piece 1/4" screw
1 set assembly material

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