AJ6-800 Basic AirJib

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The set AJ6-800 Basic AirJib consists of the copter AF6-800 in combination with the CM-M gimbal in its 2-axes version. This configuration is very well suited for beginners just starting to explore the world of aerial photography.

For this set we decided on the simplest version CM-M-G2S of our gimbal, which is a 2-axes gimbal with a motor for the pitch axis (single pitch drive). This camera mount is ideal for lightweight cameras such as a Sony Nex5/7 or a Blackmagic Pocket.

Since the gimbal has only two axes the copter has been fitted with the permanently attached landing gear AF6-800-LGC.

The damping system used is our AF6-800-DPC.

One advantage to a copter with a 2-axes gimbal is that its operation ordinarily only requires one person. However, it is recommended that the pilot has the option of swiveling the camera vertically up- or downwards via his own channel.

An upgrade to the AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib set is possible at any time.

The Basic AirJib consists of the following components.

Important information
Basecam Alexmos brushless gimbal electronics is not included!

Technical Specifications
Weight: 1411g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 846 x 846 x 376mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece AF6-800-FRM (base frame)
1 piece AF6-800-PDB (power distribution board)
1 piece AF6-800-LGC (landing gear)
1 piece AF6-800-BHC (battery holder)
1 piece AF6-800-DPC (damping system)
1 piece AF6-800-GMP (gimbal mounting plate)
1 piece CM-M-G2S (gimbal G2S)
1 piece CM-M-GAA (gimbal adapter type A)
1 piece CM-M-COB (controller holder type B)
1 piece CM-M-CAA (camera holder type A)

Recommended Drives
T-Motor MN3110 KV470 with T-Motor 15x5.0" CFK propeller and T-Motor ESC T40A, 2 4S LiPo 5000mAh
T-Motor MN3508 KV580 with T-Motor 14x4.8" CFK propeller and T-Motor ESC T40A, 2 4S LiPo 5000mAh
T-Motor MN3510 KV700 with T-Motor 13x4.4" CFK propeller and T-Motor ESC T40A, 2 4S LiPo 5000mAh

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