AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib

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The set AJ6-800 Advanced AirJib consists of the copter AF6-800 in combination with the gimbal CM-M in its 3-axes version. This configuration is best suited for professional aerial photography with high quality demands. With the Advanced AirJib and an appropriate camera at a minimum take-off weight (under 5kg) you will be able to record footage suitable for TV and cinema.

The gimbal used is of the CM-M-G3D make, which is a 3-axes gimbal with two motors for the pitch axis (double pitch drive). The camera mount is ideal for cameras such as the Sony A7 or the Panasonic Lumix GH4.

Since the gimbal can be rotated completely independently around the copter's main axis by 360° we have fitted the set with the landing gear AF6-800-LGG which is permanently attached and thereby follows exactly the gimbal's movements.

The damping system used is our AF6-800-DPG. Since no landing gear is attached to the copter itself there is room for the battery holders AF6-800-BHG to be installed directly on the lower centerplate.

In the configuration of our Advanced AirJib both copter and gimbal are two completely separate and independent systems. Therefore we recommend it for operation by two people with one taking over the role of the pilot and the other that of the cameraman.

The Advanced AirJib consists of the following components.

Important information
Basecam Alexmos brushless gimbal electronics is not included!

Technical Specifications
Weight: 1599g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 846 x 846 x 380mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece AF6-800-FRM (base frame)
1 piece AF6-800-PDB (power distribution board)
1 piece AF6-800-LGG (landing gear)
1 piece AF6-800-BHG (battery holder)
1 piece AF6-800-DPG (damping system)
1 piece CM-M-G3D (gimbal G3D)
1 piece CM-M-GAA (gimbal adapter type A)
1 piece CM-M-COA (controller holder type A)
1 piece CM-M-CAA (camera holder type A)

Recommended Drives
T-Motor MN3110 KV470 with T-Motor 15x5.0" CFK propeller and T-Motor ESC T40A, 2 4S LiPo 5000mAh
T-Motor MN3508 KV580 with T-Motor 14x4.8" CFK propeller and T-Motor ESC T40A, 2 4S LiPo 5000mAh
T-Motor MN3510 KV700 with T-Motor 13x4.4" CFK propeller and T-Motor ESC T40A, 2 4S LiPo 5000mAh

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