AF6-800 Landing gear

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The landing gear AF6-800-LGC will be attached permanently to the underside of the copter and will therefore follow its rotations. The landing gear's breadth of 426mm, length of 450mm and height of 335mm guarantee safe take off and landing without letting the copter topple over to the side.

Its feet are attached with three screws each which allows for fast assembly and dismantling.

The space between the landing gear's legs is wide enough to mount a variety of loads. All our mounting devices (AF6-800-UMP, AF6-800-GMP, AF6-800-MFR) with our without damping systems (AF6-800-DPC) can easily be installed.

For this permanently attached landing gear we recommend the use of our CM-M gimbal in its 2-axes version.

Attachment of the battery holder AF-6-800-BHC to the gear's legs is intended.

All pipes and plates are made of high-strength CFRP.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 220g
Dimensions (L x B x H): 450 x 426 x 338mm

Delivery Contents
1 piece landing gear (consisting of two separate legs)
1 set assembly material

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