AF4-350-3D Base frame

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The base frame is the central component of the quadrocopter AF4-350-3D. Since its motor axes distance is 350mm, propellers with a maximum diameter of 9.5” can be used.

The frame consists of seven CNC-milled carbon plates of the highest quality that are connected by only 12 screws. This makes the copter extremely lightweight at only 120g (excluding the rubber elements that come with it) while maintaining highest possible stability. Two breadboards – 45 x 45mm and 30.5 x 30.5mm – also allow for the integration of mini control systems such as the NAZE32 by AbuseMark or the NanoWii by Flyduino.

The centerplates are designed in such a way to minimize the overall weight through recesses while simultaneously leaving enough surface area to securely fasten the electrical components.

An additional plate, mounted above the upper centerplate, increases stability even more and protects the valuable electronics against possible damage.

Both the arms as well as all plates consist of CFRP pressed at high temperatures. This material provides for maximum solidity while remaining at an extremely low weight.

This frame comes with a complete assembly kit. All screws and nuts are made of type A4 stainless steel.

The nuts used here are exclusively so-called press nuts. Using special tools they are being molded into the CFRP-plates which allows for easy assembly without the use of screw wrenches or pliers.

The lower centerplate already contains all of the press nuts that are necessary to assemble the components in all possible configurations.

This frame was mainly designed for sophisticated acrobatic flights, including 3D mode, and will even be able to survive crashes at a very high velocity without parts being damaged. If an arm or a centerplate does happen to get damaged it is no problem to order a single replacement piece.

We recommend that especially beginners or lesser experienced pilots opt to install the motor protection plates (AF4-350-3D-MPP) that can easily be removed again at any time.

Four optionally mountable supporting feet (AF4-350-3D-LLG) are also part of the system and offer support during take off and landing.

The plates are made of high-strength CFRP.

Technical Specifications
Type: quadrokopter
Diagonal wheelbase: 350mm
Weight: 120g (excluding the rubber elements that come with it)
Engine mount: 16-19mm (slot holes)
Dimensions (L x B x H): 390 x 390 x 30mm

Delivery Contents
2 pieces carbon centerplates (AF4-350-3D-CPT, AF4-350-3D-CPB)
1 piece carbon protective plate for electronics (AF4-350-3D-PPE)
4 pieces carbon plates for arms (AF4-350-3D-ARM)
4 pieces rubber dampers
1 set assembly material

Recommended Drives
T-Motor AirGear 350 (Multirotor Driving Equipment Set), 1 3S LiPo 2600mAh
T-Motor MT2208-18 KV1100 with T-Motor 8x4,5" propeller and T-Motor ESC AIR 15A, 1 3S LiPo 2600mAh
Hacker A20-26M EVO (1130kv) with 8x4,5" propeller and T-Motor ESC AIR 15A, 1 3S LiPo 2600mAh

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